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Latest Front Page Exclusive
We were asked to highlight the plight of a 16 year old boy who has been put on end of life treatment against his will. Our story appeared on the front of the Sunday People newspaper and across other media this week.
Boris Goes To Peppa Pig World
Prime Minister Boris Johnson enjoying his Peppa Pig experience. We sold the photo to the media on behalf of someone who asked to remain anonymous.
Front Page Exclusive Story
Our exclusive story revealed how TV presenter Declan Donnelly had his home targeted by ‘professional burglars’ If you have a story to tell contact us today.
The Crown Film Set Picture Exclusive
We sold a set of photos showing how The Crown TV series had recreated the fire at Windsor Castle.
Front Page Newspaper Investigation
The Daily Mirror newspaper we revealed working conditions at online shopping giant Amazon. We were contacted by the whistleblower and set up an investigation. Do you have a news story?
London Bridge Terrorist Video
We sold the footage of heroes tackling the London Bridge terrorist around the world. The owner of the video kept their anonymity and made thousands of pounds. *Sell your news video today.
Our exclusive photo and story of Jihadi John when he was a schoolboy was sold across the globe. Sell your story or photo today.
Times Front Page Photo
We sold this stunning photo of a Highland cow silhouetted against the moon. Sell your photo today
Miracle Escape
This incredible photo shows the miraculous moment a pilot parachutes to safety from a Red Arrows crash. Sell your photo today!
Huge Bonuses As NHS Struggles
Our latest front page exclusive exposed concerns consultants are getting huge annual bonuses while the rest of the NHS struggles. Sell your story today!
Celebrity Fitness DVD Scam
A source contacted us to expose how Scarlett Moffatt had gone to a secret boot camp to lose weight in her fitness DVDs. DO you have a story to sell?
Quirky News Photo
This photo of a cowfish looking like US president Donald Trump sold to a number of news outlets. Sell your photo today!
Michael McIntyre Mugged
Our exclusive photo of comedian Michael McIntyre with his son after he was mugged by a moped gang led the news agenda. Sell your photo.
Sun Newspaper Exclusive
Our exclusive story revealed how killer Mairead Philpott has been released from prison after serving just half of her 17 year sentence for killing her six kids in a house fire. Contact us to sell your story.
Smoking Crows!
This quirky photo, snapped by a couple on holiday, was sold as an exclusive to a newspaper before being syndicated around the world.
Exclusive Photo Of Tube Bomb
We sold this photo of the Parsons Green bomb appeared across the national media. The picture was taken by someone caught up in the terrorist attack.
Front Page Photo
This photo of the Duke of Edinburgh riding a horse drawn carriage following his Range Rover crash appeared on the front of the Daily Telegraph newspaper. Sell your photo to newspapers!
Cat In A Jar
This photo of a cat getting itself in to a tight squeeze was a huge hit in newspapers and magazines across the world.
Phone-In Scandal
This was the first of several exclusives we orchestrated revealing how the public were being conned out of millions of pounds calling in to TV phone line competitions they couldn't win.
Daily Mail Front Page
A whistleblower contacted us after being concerned firemen were attending medical emergencies. Blow the whistle through us.
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